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Cut Keke in Swimsuit Photo Album

Cut Keke was known as the Indonesian Hot Celebrities, she was known for her acting in many sinetron movie of Indonesia like "Kecil Kecil Jadi Manten" in this edition we will give you the beauty picture of Cut Keke while wearing a Swimsuit..

Cut Keke or full name Cut Zudiake (born in Jakarta, 4 December 1973; age 35) is the Indonesian Movie Star.

Cut Keke had married a man with Arabian descendant who is 9 year younger than her, the name of her first husband was Ghatan Saleh Hilabi (Marry on 8 November 2001). Both were divorced in 2005. Then Cut Keke was married with a series of lawyers Malik Bawazier and birth children in the Hospital Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) North Jakarta on 26 November 2006 which was named Havier Rasyad Post Aliva.

Enjoy this Sexy Cut Keke in Swimsuit Photo Album

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