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Asmirandah Photo and Profil

Asmirandah Zantman (born in Jakarta on October 5, 1989,) is a models, and actress who has Dutch Indonesian blood. His father named M. Farmidji Zantman and mother Sani Suliwati. She began her career in the entertainment world through Sinetron Kawin Gantung.

In addition, he began to Sbe known to a wide audience since starred in several Sinetron such as Is this It? and Cinta SMU 2. After that the girl who was familiarly called Andah is invited to bet on another Sinetron. In addition to playing the soap opera, Andah also has starred in several advertising products such as: Cokluut Gery, Gery Saluut, Rexona, and Suzuki Spin.

Nowadays there's a rumor circulated that said asmirandah was fall in love with jonas rivano her partners on Kemilau Cinta Kamila. is this true that asmirandah and jonas rivano has a special relationship?

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